Booking Color With Elle

Lately color work has dominated most of my schedule and that absolutely tickles me! Every day I do numerous consultations, speak to new clients about their color goals and talk to veteran clients about how to revamp their look. This post is all about making that process fun and easy and best of all quick, because if you're like me doing 10 things at once is your default and we needanswers fast!

One thing that every client must do to book with me is a consultation. Being that I do work independently I conduct my consultations over the phone, usually via text. If I've never seen you I need to know what your hair looks like as it is now. As much as I adore seeing wedding pictures and those cute family photo shoot pictures that new clients often send me for our purposes that just wont do. I need to see the craziness, the gray hair, the totally outgrown roots, the orange you're trying to get rid of. That is what I need to see. Below are some perfect examples of what to send me when you're ready book.


Next is the fun part! It's time to whip out the #colorgoals! Now is when I want to see that picture of Kim Kardashian West wearing the hair you just know is meant to be yours. Of course, I always have to remind hopeful clients that these pictures are inspiration and getting anything to look exactly like a magazine picture is highly unlikely. At this point I explain what it will take to get your hair to where you want it to be, how much that will cost and when we can start. My top priority is always to protect the integrity of the hair. This sometimes means using your inspiration as a goal to work towards over multiple sessions.


Now that you know what to do, start your Pinterest boards ladies and send me a text!

XOXO- Elle